Group Order Account

How does it work? 

The conditions of your group order account are as follows: 

1.   Communication is key!

2. You will inform Cote d’Or Imports of the orders that you have placed. This can be done via e-mail to or on our online order form (with upload option for order forms/receipts). Copies of your order forms are best so we have all the necessary information. You can also ask the winery/shop to forward an order copy to us. You need to set up a payment account on our web site before your group order can be validated.

3.   Minimum order is 6 bottles or 3 magnums per retailer. 

4.   Retailers where you purchase should charge you without VAT (in French hors taxes or HT) but not charge you for shipping + insurance, noting ACCOUNT on the shipping/insurance line. We will charge your credit card for shipping + insurance once you have finished your purchases. 

5.   If the retailer that you visit has not already worked with us and has questions, you can ask them to phone the French office number below (weekdays). The objective is to be sure that you can purchase your wines without VAT. 

6.   You will inform Cote d’Or Imports when you have finished your purchases so that we can finalize the group order. You can also forward a summary of your orders on our group order summary online form.

7.   We have consolidated shipments leaving every 3-4 weeks. If we receive some orders and not others at that departure time, your orders might be expedited on separate shipments. If that is the case, we will store the first orders stateside until the later orders arrive, delivering everything at the same time. If you prefer to receive the first orders before the others, it is possible but the group order will then be considered two separate orders and additional fees will be due. 

8.   Wine pick ups are possible between Dijon and Santenay. If you order originates beyond that region, you or the retailer will have to arrange for French national transport of your wines to our Burgundy warehouse through your supplier. 

9.   Have a great time!

Phone France: 03 80 61 15 15. Phone US: 503 469 8557