Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check on the status of my order? 

We will send you a first email when we have entered your order in our system. When you receive a second email, our confirmation e-mail, that indicates that your order has been picked up/received, has been verified, prepared with legal labeling requirements and is ready to leave France. There is a link in that email which allows you to see the status of your order in our system. If you would like a status update before receiving that e-mail, feel free to reach out to us through the contact link on our site. 

Can I group orders together from different purchase points to take advantage of group pricing? 

Yes! We can arrange for group shipments. The calculation of shipping fees is based on  the quantity we deliver to you at one time. See more on our group order program page. 

How long will it take to receive my order? 

The timing is generally 4-8 weeks from when we receive your order in our French warehouse. We have more shipments during the spring and fall and less in the winter. So if your order is received just after a shipment departure in the winter, count more on 6-8 weeks. If we receive your order in the fall just before a shipment leaves, it could be closer to 3-4 weeks. We take time to verify your order before it leaves France, prepare it for legal importation into the US, ship stateside, clear through customs, process upon arrival stateside and then plan delivery with you, if weather allows. If you need your order for a specific date, please reach out to us. 

Will you store my wine in the summer or winter? 

Yes! If weather does not allow for safe delivery to you (hot or cold) we will store the wines free of charge in our warehouse. We offer other options including next day air delivery and adapted summer delivery (refrigerated trucking from our warehouse to your region and next day air delivery before 10:30 am to your home or office the day after the truck arrives in your area) for additional fees. If you need storage for other reasons (move, construction, etc.) please let us know how long and we can quote the storage fees for you. 

Can I get more wine? 

Yes! You can get in touch with the purchase point where you placed your first order. If you are having any trouble reaching them, please let us know and we would be happy to help out. 

I have a tasting tour planned in France. Can I ship through you? 

Yes, depending on the producers you will be visiting. We work with a large number of producers in the Burgundy region as well as other areas throughout France. Send us your tasting itinerary (through our contact link) and we would be happy to let you know if we already work with those producers/shops. If we do not, our French team will contact them before your visit so they understand how we work, will not charge you the value added tax and are ready to send your orders to our Burgundy warehouse, if they are not located in our pick up zone. 

Do you have a return policy for accessories purchased through our online store?

Yes. Articles (books, maps, candle holders, etc) purchased in our store may be returned for a full refund of the original form of payment up to 60 days from the purchase date.

Do you have a return policy for wines imported on my behalf?

No. Orders that have already arrived stateside or been delivered to you cannot be refunded or returned to France.