Summer 2019 

We manage your deliveries on a case by case basis (no pun intended). Our documentation is intended for regions all around the United States. The weather situation in Northern Minnesota is not the same as that in Southern Texas. Our departure point is in  Portland, OR so weather there is also a factor. Cold chain, free storage or expedited delivery services may not be needed for every destination. Please be advised that if we can safely deliver to you via ground service (included in your original shipping fees) we will by all means do so. 

The quality of your wine is our primary concern and that quality could be compromised if delivered without taking the weather into account. We will continue to process your orders to guarantee availability, pick wines up for you and store them in our French or US warehouse.

Your delivery service levels during the summer months are as follows – advise your preference:

1.   Free Storage - in our US warehouse until weather is appropriate for delivery – September or later, depending on delivery climate. No additional fees.

2.   Cold Chain Delivery Upgrade – refrigerated truck transport from our warehouse to one of 6 regional locations with next day air final leg delivery to your home or office before 10:30 am in most cases (traditional non-refrigerated truck for final leg delivery or pick up at air conditioned location, therefore avoiding high temperature problems). Not available in all regions. See zone map graphic for more details. Upgrade fee: 29 €/case of 6 or 12 bottles ($33). Payment of additional fees possible on our secured web site. If you are located in zones 4 or 5, contact us for a quote.

Cold chain map and further details (click to view)

3.   Next Day Air Upgrade – Once your wines have arrived stateside and cleared customs, delivery to your home or office before 10:30 am (available in most regions). Upgrade fee: 70-90 €/case of 12 bottles ($79 to $99) – to be confirmed based on delivery address. Payment of additional fees possible on our secured web site

Please confirm that you understand our management of summer orders and your preference of one of the above four options. If you choose to upgrade, we will be in touch with you for payment, confirmation and any other questions you might have.

Delivery option                    Approximate timing *

US Summer storage                     Delivery September-November
Cold chain wine delivery              4-6 weeks
Next day air final leg delivery       2-3 weeks

*Timing estimate after your order leaves our French warehouse