Rat de Cave - Small

Rat de Cave - Small


Hand made iron Burgundy candle holder and candle.

Candles do not smoke and burn 7 hours on average. Candle wax does not run

Candle can be moved up or down by using the iron tounge through the sprial.

Handle (rat's tail) easy and reliable grip.

Over 1000 years of tradition from Burgundy cellars - still hand made in France.

This item is very well designed: thanks to its stable flat bottom, it can be readily and safely set upright on any surface. Its handle (the rat’s tail) provides an easy and reliable grip and the hook can be used to hang the stand on a nail in the wall or on the edge of the oak casks in wine cellars. The spiral ramp allows you to control the height of the flame as the candle burns down by simply pushing the small tongue upward or downward, so you can use the candle completely. This candlestick holder is completely hand made, historic, useful and a beautiful decorative piece. The candles included with the stands are made from natural wax and paraffin. They do not smoke or run and last approximately 7 hours.

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