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The intake and order processing team is remarkable for seamless, high quality service especially for any custom shipment. They are coordinating nine suppliers for us from Santenay to Chambolle-Musigny, each one of which has extra detail work that Cd’O accomplishes quickly, accurately and with consistent good spirits. They have gone above and beyond several times, accommodating suppliers’ quirks and confirming everything with us every step of the way. This is customer service par excellence.
— Daniel, Sarasota, FL - September 2019
You are great and thanks for the great service
— greg, folsom, CA - July 2019
I’ve been meaning to let you know how impressed I have been with your team. Throughout the process - as we prepared our shipment, when it was received by your team in France, when it shipped to the US, and when it was headed to our home in Colorado - we received support and updates from your team and were regularly kept apprised of the progress. Our shipment arrived as planned and was in great shape, in spite of the poor packing job done by some of the small wineries we bought from (your team re-packed the bottles!). We are extremely happy with your service and will definitely work with you again in the future.
— Mike, Fort Collings, CO - JULY 2019
I have been extremely impressed with your service. I will undoubtedly be using your company in the future and have already recommended you to others.
— Amar, Dallas, TX - July 2019
Thank You especially for watching the weather and keeping me informed of shipment. I appreciate the care and concern your company seems to have for its customers.
— Sallie, Silverton, ID - June 2019
Thanks for all your help. As always, working through has bee remarkably easy and I appreciate that.
— Joe, San Jose, CA - June 2019
Thank you for all your assistance with the shipping of my wine. Your company has always done a great job.
— Bill, Streamboat Springs, CO - May 2019
I really appreciate all of your help. This has been a wonderful experience for me and my companions. Thank you again for your excellent service.
— Carl, Mercer Island, WA - May 2019
Thank you again for a great experience shipping our wines!
— Jonathan, St Paul, MN - April 2019
Our bottles have been delivered today, as scheduled and in perfect condition. Thank you very much for this excellent service!
— Gerard, raleigh, NC - February 2019
Today our shipment arrived, chilled! Everything looks great. Thanks for everyone’s help.
— Dave, Webster Groves, MO - January 2019
Thank you so much for your fantastic service!
— Rhea, Henderson, NV - January 2019
I wish here in the United States we had as good customer service as you do in France.
— William, Washington, DC - November 2018
C’est la premiere fois que nous utilisons vos services, vous faites un excellent travail.
Merci beaucoup et a bientot pour d’autres livraisons.
— Dominique, Atlanta, GA - November 2018
Thanks again. Year after year you all are a pleasure to work with.
— Jesse, Portola Valley, CA - November 2018
Thank you for your kindly service...
— Joseph, Flushing, NY - October 2018
Thanks for keeping me informed. Great service.
— Paul, Monroe, NC - October 2018
Thank you for a wonderful service.
— George, Northville, MI - October 2018
Got the wine, great service, thank you very much.
— Roger, Mesa, AZ - October 2018
You guys are awesome. Thank you.
— Randolph, Dallas, TX - October 2018
Thank you very much for your excellent business.
— Vilma, Orlando, FL - October 2018
If you could use the same deliver company which you used a few weeks ago, that would be wonderful. They were accommodating, professional and ON TIME!
— Diane, Manhasset, NJ - October 2018
I’m looking forward to the delivery and I’m sure much more deliveries in the future to come.
— Jason, South San Francisco, CA - October 2018
The wines have arrived! Thank you very much for all your hard work
— Albert, Greenwich, CT - October 2018
Again, thank you for the recommendation. Everyone at Cote d’Or imports has been great to work with!
— Jonathan, St Paul, MN - October 2018
Thank you so much, it is a pleasure to work with you.
— Amanda, Colombus, OH - October 2018
Thank you. I am very happy that your service was available. We had originally thought that we would not be able to ship any wine home. One of the wineries told us about your services, and this was good news!
— Carol, Cedarburg, WI - September 2018
Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough efforts. We are impressed by your excellent service.
— Jeanne, Dannville, CA - September 2018
The wine has arrived and looks to be in good condition. Thanks for taking care of our wine through the summer. Have a great fall
— Steve, Florissant, CO - September 2018
Thank you! I really appreciate your service
— Anthony, Mc Kinney, TX - September 2018
I’m writing to let you know that the wines were delivered yesterday, I check all the boxes and all bottles arrived in perfect shape.
Thank you, was a pleasure doing business with Côte d’Or and looking forward for doing more business with you.
— Alessandro, Hawthorn Woods, IL - August 2018
Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing it again.
— Robert, Columbia, SC - July 2018
I truly appreciate your professionalism and help.
— Doug, Highland Park, IL - June 2018
I am very glad that there is a service like yours available to consumers. I will definitely be using it again in the future!
— Tom, Scottsdale, AZ - June 2018
You guys are VERY efficient!
— Dan, Hailey, ID - May 2018
Thanks once more to all for helping us select these treasures and get them back to Kansas.
— Judy, Lawrence, KS - May 2018
After all your hard work and oversight, all cases duly arrived and stored perfectly.
— Brad, Hobe Sound, FL - April 2018
The eight cases you sent last time arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
— Charles, Silver Spring, MD - April 2018
Thank you again for your always extraordinary service. It is a pleasure to work with you.
— Charles, Silver Spring, MD - March 2018
Thanks, as always, for your help. I enjoy working with you every year.
— Jesse, Portola Valley, CA - MARCH 2018
We really appreciate the prompt and seamless delivery coordinated by your team. It truly made our trip to Burgundy a experience to remember as you guys helped us bring home some of the best wines in the world.
— Bora, New York, NY - February 2018
Mes bouteilles de vin sont bien arrivées ce jour à destination, toutes en parfait état.
Merci pour ce service de qualité !
— Gerard, Raleigh, NC - -January 2018
We received our delivery yesterday as informed. Very impressed by the packaging and the fact that you maintained contact with us throughout. Congratulations for the flawless handling of our shipment.
— George, Boca Raton, FL - January 2018
The wine arrived safe and sound today, and in perfect order! Merci beaucoup!
— Daniel, Boston, MA - January 2018
Tout est parfait!!! Encore merci pour avoir fait l’envoi.
— Jacqueline, Bethesda, MD - November 2017
Shipments were delivered today and all bottles are in good order. Very well packed. Thank you
— Michael, Schaumburg, IL - November 2017
Thank you for your import services! I greatly appreciate it!!
— Sheryl, Los Gatos, CA - November 2017
We received our case yesterday. All looks in perfect order. Thank you so very much for all of your help and communications. We look forward to enjoying the wine and ordering more.
— Kelli, Torrance, CA - November 2017
Thanks much for getting this extra case moving along to me. You’ve been a big help.
— Gary, San Francisco, CA - November 2017
Thanks for all your help. It did arrive earlier. Great service you have.
— John, Bar Harbor, ME - October 2017
Thank you for a job well done on the shipping!
— DAvid, Atlanta, GA - October 2017
Thank you. We have enjoyed working with your company.
— Howard, Chicago, IL - October 2017
It is a pleasure doing business with you!
— John, Pittsboro, NC - October 2017
The wines exported by Cote D’or arrived last week in perfect conditions. We are happy with this experience, so we are going on purchasing another wines bunches to be exported to our address in Florida.
— Rubens, Plantation, FL - September 2017
I am very happy with your services. Your speed and professionalism has worked perfectly for me. I am happy to act as a “referral” for you.
— David, Boca Raton, FL - september 2017
We are excited that our wine is being delivered earlier than we expected!
— Sharon, Ossining, NY - August 2017
We appreciate your attention and excellent follow-up.
— Robert, Saint Petersburg, FL - August 2017
I am happy to have all my wines consolidated for shipment so that it is both easy and economical
— Richard, Westborough, MA - August 2017
Just wanted to let you know that the wine showed up today right on schedule! Thanks for doing all the work on the shipping. We will let them rest for awhile and then pop a cork and remember the great trip to France.
— Jim, Des Moines, IA - June 2017
La commande bien arrivé today ! 3 days in advance
Good job to all. I will order again. Great job
— Benoit, Scarborough, ME - June 2017
I am eagerly looking forward to the receipt of my wine. Thank you for the services you will be providing. I have been surprised and impressed at how smoothly this process has gone to date and would not hesitate to use your services again.
— Vic, Inverness, IL - June 2017
Thanks very much. I am looking forward to enjoying this shipment, but I also appreciate the care that you take in your deliveries … so I can exercise the patience that might be necessary.
— Clint, Redlands, CA - May 2017
We appreciate your shipping service to the States. We have always been pleased with your service and care of the wine.
— Jean, Bozeman, MT - May 2017
Merci encore, Aussi, nous tenons a vous remercier pour votre reactivite et le travail formidable que vous faites
— Fabienne & Fabrice, Charleston, SC - May 2017
Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting our wine to us—you made the process very easy!
— Susan, Lloyd Harbor, NY - May 2017
Thank you again for all of your help - I really appreciate it!
— Todd, Portland, OR - March 2017
Just a brief note to say thanks for all your help with the wine shipment. All 8 cases arrived today, and all were as ordered. This shipment worked perfectly.
Thanks again, and see you next year
— David, Tinton Falls, NJ - March 2017
Thank you again for your very efficient service!
— David, Brooklyn, NY - FEBRUARY 2017
Just a note to let you know that my little shipment arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you very much.
— Robert, West Richland, WA - February 2017
This note is to tell you that our wine shipment arrive in excellent condition some weeks ago.
— Nathan, Lafayette, CA - December 2016
Thanks for your help getting my orphaned wine to me. The shipment arrived this afternoon in good shape.
— Dave, Weyanoke, LA - december 2016
Thanks again for working with us by keeping it later than the original shipping date. We appreciate your quality service.
— Janis, montgomery, TX - december 2016
Thank you. It was a delight to do business with you and Cote d’Or. Until the next time ...
— Wallace, marietta, GA - November 2016
I just wanted to give you feedback about the wine shipment. You certainly have put together a good team. The wine showed up on time in a refrigerated truck and was moved into the house very efficiently.
— Kris, Sarasota, FL - november 2016
I just wanted to let you know that the wine was delivered yesterday. They were beautifully packed and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again!
— Joan, oakland, CA - november 2016
I received my wines today and all appear to be in good condition. Very excited for these additions to the cellar! Thanks very much for making the buying and shipping process hassle free as it took a big stress out of our trip. I look forward to using you all again on my next Burgundy venture!
— Johnathan, Bozeman, MT - October 2016
I just wanted to let you know that we received the champagne in perfect condition. Thank you for the care you took in shipment and for keeping me informed all the way.
— Ronald, sebastopol, CA - October 2016
The wine arrived this morning in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your stewardship. The bottles are the lovely coda of a few summer days spent in Southern France.
— Steve, Springfield, OH - October 2016
The wine arrived perfectly chilled and ready to drink!!! Thank you,merci
— Theresa, ramona, CA - october 2016
Our wine just arrived and everything was perfect! We look forward to ordering more wine through you hopefully very soon. Merci Beaucoup for all of your help!!!!
— Chris, Gaithersburg, MA - October 2016
I greatly appreciated your fine service the one time before, and appreciate your attention again.
— Jeff, Atlanta, GA - September 2016
I told my uncle what a great experience I had working with you on consolidating shipping from all the wineries in burgundy.
— Michael, Atlanta, GA - July 2016
Again, I appreciate your terrific service and keen concern regarding the shipping of the wine in a manner in which the beautiful quality of those wines are protected.
— Edgard, The Woodlands, TX - May 2016